“How Much do Your services Cost?”

Clients of Robert Burns II Photography generally average roughly $4-5K, depending on wall art and album spend. We work closely with our clients to put together custom packages that work best for what you value most, whether that’s wall art, heirloom albums or video.

All collections include a full day of coverage, with a $2K minimum session fee for my team’s time, drive to location, set-up, wear-and-tear on gear, and expertise.

“What wall art sizes do you offer?” + “What types of materials?”

Clients that truly value art are a great fit for Robert Burns II Photography.

Most clients choose two of our three main offerings, usually the Impact (36 x 48-inch) or Standard (24 x 36 inch).

We offer high-end matte, canvas, and metal prints, each of which has a luxurious look and feel. We guarantee top-quality because I personally hand-proof each piece before personally delivering it to you.

These are phenomenal standalone, investment-art pieces that convey to the entire mood of your wedding in a single photo.

When you purchase an Impact or Standard, we do automatically include other prints to create a true Collection of wedding-day imagery.

Schedule your free in-person consultation today, to get a look and feel for our Wall Art offerings.

“What if we prefer a traditional, hard-bound wedding album?”

You’re in great luck — we equally love wedding albums and wall art.

Clients that value preserving their wedding images through physical heirloom albums are equally good fits for our company, and we have two main offerings:

Custom-crafted Hardback leather albums, and Linen albums.

The main draw to albums is that they tell your story, page by page, image by image.

Averaging 40-50 photos in a 15-page spread, these are a great way to let your wedding live on, and one day gift to your grandchildren.


“What if we just want digitals?”

Clients that are the best fit value the printing process, and truly love having a company that understands their needs to preserve their wedding day through physical photo form. This means that 90% of our clients usually either purchase Wall Art or a Wedding Album, in addition to their session fee, which does not include “copyrights” to image, an extremely common request.

“Do you edit your photos?”

Yes, always. I do not outsource my editing, and will not do this ever.

“How does it work if we want photography and videography?”

“Do you USE second shooters?”

Yes, all of our collections routinely come with a second shooter that I’ve personally vetted, and worked with for years. These are seasoned photographers in their own right, that are part of my team as associates. What this means for you is additional angles that simply wouldn’t be possible with one person, more variety in your photos, and most importantly, a higher degree of personal touch that I can offer you.

“do you shoot at every wedding?”

Yes, every single wedding. I am the owner and lead photographer, so I take pictures, as well as video when clients purchase those packages.

I share this, because I understand it’s important to my clients to know that I shoot every wedding my company takes on, and I edit every photograph. This work isn’t outsourced beyond second shooting (I wish I could clone myself) — everything else I personally do, including proofing, printing, and album design.

Very simple — this is a commonly-requested set of services that we routinely offer in our premier collections. On the day of your wedding, I serve as your main photographer, and one of my closely-trusted associates serves as your main videographer. We work in tandem, and most of our clients prefer to put all of their media needs with one team, rather than ‘breaking it up’ between two companies.

“DO You offer payment plans?”

Yes. My goal is to take the stress out of wedding planning, so as long as you put down a $1k retainer to secure my team’s services, I am flexible on payment plans. All payment plans are due in full by 60 days before the wedding, without exception.

“When CAN WE MEET in-person?”

I love meeting my couples to learn more about their unique love story, and what’s important to them, as far as preserving their wedding day images.

See the Contact page for my available meeting slots.