Why You Should Hashtag Your Wedding

I know. People get engaged and there are a few immediate next steps: telling your friends, selected a date and figuring out your wedding hashtag! At this point, it’s tradition. But, do you even know why you do it?

Let’s dive into it:

Fun Times with Your Friends

Just creating the hashtag in itself can be a blast. Sitting down with a glass of wine and some friends - or just you and your partner if you desire - can dissolve into giggles and silly ideas. Eventually, you’ll land upon something that fits, but a lot of the fun is the journey itself. And, don’t stress. Some names don’t lend themselves well to puns, but it’s simple enough to just mash the two names together and stick the year onto the end of it. Trust me, your hashtag should be the least of your stressors.

Snagging All the Memories

Now, you’ll want to share your hashtags with your guests. Let them know whatever rules come along with it (see the Unplugged section below) regarding when they can start using it, what they should use it for, etc. Let the pictures roll in! On some social media platforms, you can even follow hashtags, so as people begin to use them more and more, you’ll see pictures start rolling in! Make sure you screenshot, download or whatever you can to save those memories! You’ll appreciate the candid, non-curated shots especially as you wait for your official photos post-nuptials.

Vendors Join the Fun

One sweet surprise? Sharing your hashtag with your vendors gives you the opportunity to also see in-depth details of your wedding right before and after. Bakeries upload detailed cake shots, dressmakers upload design features and so much more. You can chat with your photographer about getting these shots, but if a vendor wants to show off a particular detail for you to fall in love with, now they can join the fun, too!


And, if you want an unplugged wedding, that doesn’t mean you have to go without a hashtag! A simple sign at the ceremony is usually enough for guests to understand how you want things to go. Typically, the reception is when they’ll want to snap photos - just make sure that if you want them to wait until a certain day/time to post photos that you let them know ahead of time! Once the pictures start to flow, enjoy your memories!

Use a wedding hashtag to aggregate memories. I often hear just how fast the day whizzed by and you can bet that you’ll appreciate the help in capturing your special day.

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