8 Reasons to Have Engagement Photos Taken

So you’ve just gotten engaged - congratulations!

But wait — Before you start to plan your big day, how do plan to share news of your engagement with your friends and family?


Whether you choose to use snail mail, social media or some other announcement style, engagement photos are the perfect way to celebrate your great news. But that’s not all you get. Discover eight solid reasons to opt-in to an engagement shoot:

1. Get comfortable in front of a camera.

This celebration is going to come with a lot of pictures and if you want the perfect shot, you’re going to want to embark on a healthy, new relationship with this camera.

2. Learn what you like and don’t like.

Have a new pose you want to try? Want to see if your hair stylist is capable of taking things up a notch? Now’s the time to try them, not on your big day.

3. Get to know your photographer.

When it comes to weddings, there are some people you’ll be spending a lot of time with… your photographer is definitely one of them! Might as well learn how to work with them nice and early so you can all get the shots you’re looking for.


4. Let your photographer learn you.

Let’s face it: everyone has a subject type. Some people are wallflowers, some are hams, some are natural models and so on… we need to know how to work with you to make this a truly successful experience. Getting to know how you photograph is such a fun discovery period!


5. It’s an experience.

And don’t you want to make memories with your new betrothed? You’ll only be engaged to your fiancee for so long. Enjoy it. Share in something amazing with each other.

6. Announcing the right way.

Let others share in your joy by showing them just how special this engagement is to you. Show off that engagement ring!

7. Recycling isn’t just for the earth.

It’ll save you some money in the long run. The different photos, settings and poses of an engagement shoot will come in handy when you realize that you need photos of you and your fiance for announcements, save-the-dates, wedding sites and MORE.

8. Treat yourself.

Engagements are a great excuse to get done up with the love of your life and just have a good time. In the months to come where wedding planning gets a little crazy, you’ll look back and appreciate this time.

Engagements are the perfect chance for you two to get some high-quality photos together.

These are just a few reasons why an engagement shoot is worth the investment.

Still struggling to make sense of all the options? Reach out - we’re happy to ENGAGE with you.

(Sorry, but we couldn’t miss that pun).

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