10 Ideas to Inspire Your Proposal

You’re in love.

You know that you can’t go another day without being married to your partner - so you’ve decided to propose.

But, in 2019, you’ve got big shoes to fill.

In the age of “promposals” and the like, people are gaining notoriety for going over the top.

We get that you want your engagement to be special, so here’s a list of tips & ideas to help you strategize:

  1. Read blogs

    You’re here, so you’ve already started out on the right path! Keep reading to gain different perspectives.

  2. Stalk Pinterest

    We’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. Pinterest is a platform full of creative ideas to use as a starting point. But don’t simply copy and paste - take the time to create something authentic and organic!

  3. Talk to friends and family

    Of course, exercise caution and only talk to those who can be trusted to keep your big secret. But, these are the people who know you best!

  4. Read editorial magazines

    Yes, people still read magazines. As someone who still pores over them from time to time, I can tell you that some of the most visually striking poses and landscapes I’ve ever seen have come from a magazine.

  5. Reach out to your local travel bureau

    Yes, the local travel bureau: not only do they have the scoop on scenic areas to propose, but they’ve got the hidden gems, as well. If everyone proposes at the big clock in the center of town, you might want to try the less-traveled trail in the beautiful park… trust me.


6. Consult with some photographers

You’ll want to book one anyway, so this is a step worth taking early! We know all the best spots around town.

7. Consider leaving town

If you’ve got a special destination where the two of you fell in love, or maybe you’ve always wanted to visit a specific city, now could be the time!

8. Don’t be afraid of tradition

Some people are suckers for just that. Don’t underestimate simplicity.

9. Take risks

Some people are the direct opposite and would love a proposal with an element of risk: skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. may be just the right amount of thrill to elevate your proposal.

Talk to your partner

Seems simple, right? Well, if they love beer or pizza or that weird pub in the alley, those may be things you’d want to incorporate into your proposal. Do some sleuthing (don’t be obvious, though)!

Every proposal is different - that’s why we have so many different and sometimes opposing ideas. Each idea won’t apply to each couple, but we’re hoping this will at least get some of your wheels turning.

Still stuck in a rut? Shoot us a note — we’re here to help.


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