What's Coming in Jun 2019!

So things are pretty different around here.

We’ve got a whole new website redesign, a banging new blog powered by Squarespace, and I feel like my photography business has been revitalized with a major outburst in activity!

I had a SUPER-booked Summer and Fall season, and it’s been crazy keeping up, with so many sessions on the books. That said — you cannot allow yourself to make excuses in life — and I don’t allow myself to make them.


Here’s what’s changing and WHY:

I haven’t been as active on Instagram as I’d like to be, and in 2019, that is changing.

Pinterest is a major hub for my business, and I’ll keep doing good work and expanding there.

But Instagram will get bigger for me, so I invite you to get in on the ground level and follow me.

I don’t use Facebook much (who does anymore?), but I’m there.

Here’s the biggest change — this blog now exists — and it will grow dynamically. Why?

I’ve changed, and so have my goals.

I will be able to tell my stories now.

For many years, I’ve said “it’s not just about the photos; it can’t be.”

As I’ve grown much closer to editorial-style photography, I’ve longed for the proper outlet to share the accompanying thoughts that go with the pretty pictures. The ‘why did you even take that photo to begin with’? The story behind the imagery that inspired me to capture it that way.

That’s what’s been missing, and this Fall I decided to fill that void. And now, I will be sharing it with you, in addition to a wealth of wedding planning inspiration, tips and hacks. So enjoy!

The CENTRAL SPOT for all things Robert Burns II Photography will officially be this blog. I highly encourage you to bookmark this page, and subscribe.


This is just a quick taste of what’s coming in 2019:

  • A ROBUST blog with regular content 2x a week (controls in place to ensure this happens)

  • Stories about the amazing wedding journeys I’ve been a part of, past and present

  • Collaborations with other wedding industry pros for videos and juicy tip-filled articles!

  • Fun giveaways and contests that will give my followers, friends, family chances to win cool stuff

  • More interaction with YOU — speaking of interaction, what would YOU like to see?

Question for you…

What don’t YOU see represented on other wedding photography websites and blogs? I’d love to hear from you.

It’s time to get involved — share your thoughts here!

About the Author

Bonjour! I’m Robert, a wedding and fashion photographer based in Charlotte, NC. I’m also a Game of Thrones nerd, jalapeño pepper lover, semi-fluent French enthusiast, space documentary geek, accomplished traveler, and conversationalist. For over a decade, I’ve loved photography and writing equally, so I figured, why not mix the two? Now I blog to share helpful wedding planning tips, document my couples’ sessions, and share a piece of who I am with you.

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